One of the first questions we always get is, “Will it break?”  The short answer – no. No matter how hard heavy the music or how hard you hit, you will not harm a K&S snare drum.

We’ve spent years designing this instrument to be every bit as rugged as any drum available to musicians today. When engineered properly, glass can be incredibly strong -  skyscraper strong. In fact, we’ve stress tested our shells to handle 120 pounds of direct pressure  – while standing up one side - before they are even outfitted with hardware or heads to help distribute tension; typical maple ply shells would snap like a twig at a fraction of that weight.  

Our revolutionary, patented, all-glass polygonal shell starts with panels of  3/8″ thick glass. 14″ models feature a 10 lug design; smaller diameter drums receive 8 panel geometry. If a player desires to have any artwork etched into the glass, this is the stage in the process when we laser etch that design, and if desired,  fill the etching with paint. K&S can accommodate any image provided in JPEG, GIF, or TIF  format  and etch the artwork onto specified panels, or as a wraparound design (as seen here, our NYC 14 x 6.5″ snare features the midtown Manhattan skyline as a wraparound etching, which has also been painted white for even greater definition and contrast).

The panels are then bonded via ultraviolet light, attached to each other in an airtight pyramid formation, giving the drum incredible strength. The pyramid is one of the strongest architectural structures known to man. Each panel works together with perfect force to distribute weight and tension evenly across the circumference of the shell.

Once the shell is completed, the bearing edges, which are made of a bulletproof polycarbonate, are precision cut to exact angles for ideal tone. Our vintage-style tube lugs are then mounted to the drum via  a patented lug-anchor system which does not require us to drill through the shell. As a result, should a player cross-thread or strip a lug, the lug can be easily replaced, while the number of holes penetrating the drum’s shell is drastically minimized.

At this point, snare beds are cut, and each drum is outfitted with a Dunnett R4 Swivel Snare Throwoff, Evans Heads and Puresound Snare Wires, and the drum is ready to go.

Every K&S snare comes with an SKB Roto-X molded road case, and is ready for the studio or tour. Like any other drum, K&S snare drums are musical instruments, and should be treated as such. If they are grossly neglected, they can certainly be broken or scratched the same way a guitar, trumpet, bass, or saxophone could. For this reason, when traveling by air, we highly recommend transporting a snare as carry-on or in an ATA flight-approved case.

Each K&S snare is handmade by craftsmen in our shop in New England. Unlike the mass-produced, disposable instruments being built by many companies today, K&S drums are designed to last a lifetime. These are one-of-a-kind instruments carefully crafted to be the ultimate, go-to snare drum for the most demanding players in the world, and are built to be handed down from generation to generation.


How It’s Made Highlights Include:

 - Revolutionary all-glass polygonal shell

 - Precision cut polycarbonate bearing edges

 - 10 vintage tube lugs 

 - Intuitive lug mounting system

 - The ability to engrave highly detailed artwork in stunning detail

 - Road tested/road tough – will not be harmed by aggressive drumming

 - Hardshell case included

 - Handmade by American craftsmen in Watertown, CT